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Email us at support@powerplay.xyz if you have any issues or on Discord.

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Remember: You'll only get the bonus once the people you refer are fully onboarded to PowerPlay! Make sure people you refer live in an eligible area (most of metro SEQ, NSW & VIC) and don't have solar.

* Transferred upon the whitelisted user or the referral user, respectively, joining the PowerPlay platform and signing up to a PowerPlay supported energy plan within 3 months of being invited by PowerPlay via email. Due to service limitations, not everyone will be able to join PowerPlay or a supported retailer. Soon after your application, you will be emailed your confirmation and whitelist position, or if you are ineligible to join. Whitelist requirements are 1) you must live in a property on the NEM in SE QLD, NSW, ACT or VIC 2) Not have a solar system on the property. Whitelist entries are subject to final review by PowerPlay and may be denied for any reason. PowerPlay may end the referral REMI bonus at any time, without notice. Referrals must be submitted and trackable through a url including your unique referral code.

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