Energy just got interesting.

A free way to earn crypto by using more renewable energy and generate a power-bill discount. A solution for everyone to save!

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Smart contracts

We're Live!

Our smart contracts have been tested, audited and deployed to the Polygon Mainnet.

How you earn $REMI


Join a PowerPlay partner energy retailer

It's free to switch and only takes 1 minute. Depending on your property, it may take 2-3 weeks to install a new awesome smart meter, which enables you to monitor your usage and earn tokens.


Shift your usage to renewables

Download the Android or iOS app, enable notifications and we'll tell you when its clean and cheap to use energy. Respond to the signals and you'll earn bulk tokens. Each month you can claim your tokens to hold, stake or swap them.


Stake your tokens in the 'Bill Buster'

Put your $REMI tokens to use - stake them in the Bill Buster to earn daily rewards in the form of a power-bill discount. As you accumulate tokens, keep adding them to the Bill Buster to earn greater discounts. Unlike a solar system, if you move house you can take your tokens with you!


Join the community & boost your results

Engage on our Discord and Twitter and refer your friends to join PowerPlay to earn bonus $REMI. We reward our community for their engagement and look forward to accelerating the renewable energy and crypto movements with you!

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Renewable energy notifications

Use more renewable energy.

The free PowerPlay iOS or Android app will notify you when the energy in the grid is clean, so you can use more renewable energy and earn more $REMI.


The "Bill Buster" 🔥🔫

No need to sell your $REMI to generate a bill-discount, just stake them in the bill-buster for daily rewards!

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Our team

Combined we have over 30 years in the renewable energy industry and a range of amazing talents to build the best product for our community.

Aaron Hilton
CEO & Founder

Aaron has more than 11 years of experience in the renewable energy sector and has a proven ability to lead in this highly competitive and fast moving space. His ability to innovate and identify emergent opportunities is perfectly suited to the potential that PowerPlay has before it.

Dr. Damian Shaw-Williams

Damian is a finance and energy sector expert with 20 years of professional experience in all sides of the energy sector and corporate finance. Damian has led ground-breaking research and published widely in energy economics and the energy transition.

Phoenix Shaw-Collery
Creative Director & CMO

Phoenix has a keen understanding of the broad technology requirements and the creative capacity needed to be a great CMO/Creative Director. His vision for the PowerPlay brand is a disruptive and unique company that resonates with the values of the forgotten consumers in the energy market and the blockchain community.

Drew Flaherty

Drew is a blockchain evangelist and has worked in the space for over 5 years. As a web3 visionary Drew provides the project with perspective into current trends and insight into what is on the horizon. He has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in the design and development of Web3 and related technology. He has a ranged experience working with some of the largest web3 companies in Australia and with a number of startup projects.

Danielle Marie

Danielle Marie is a certified blockchain trainer and assessor, community manager, and founder of She’s Blockchain Savvy. She is also the founder of a non-profit association "ALL THINGS BLOCKCHAIN" and a key organiser of Women in Blockchain Queensland. She is on a mission to elevate, empower, and educate
people to be involved in the emerging and disruptive world of digital technology.

Mick Weidermann
Company Secretary

Mick Wiedermann is a successful entrepreneur with over a decade of management and finance-related experience. In 2008 he started a boutique financial advisory firm in which he grew to over forty employees, winning a Business Review Weekly award in 2011 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. Eight years later he sold 'Corporation U' in its entirety. Mick brings a wealth of business experience to the PowerPlay team.

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Frequently asked questions

Join the PowerPlay Illustration with the sun and earth
I've never used crypto, is PowerPlay right for me?

Yes! PowerPlay is a great way to earn, not buy crypto, so you don't have to put any money up-front. PowerPlay is a perfect way to dip your toe in the crypto waters because we're free to join and a great way to earn tokens through something you are doing anyway - using energy.

Isn't crypto bad for the environment?!

Proof-of-stake blockchains such as Polygon, which PowerPlay is built on, use less energy than a single average household per year and have minimal environmental impact. Polygon is also set to be carbon negative next year.

The benefits of shifting energy use to times where renewables are abundant far outweigh the minimal impact of blockchains. We're for the planet, don't worry about that! 🌱

How do I earn $REMI and a power-bill discount?

Did you know: Energy is cheapest when the grid is full of wind and solar generation? Still, most people use energy at night when it's expensive and dirty. PowerPlay rewards you with our crypto token, $REMI (Renewable Energy Market Incentive) for shifting your usage, where possible, to the day time.

There is no cost to join and start earning $REMI. You can then stake your tokens in the 'Bill Buster' to generate a power-bill discount without selling your tokens or you can swap your tokens to cash-out!

Can I buy just $REMI?

Yes! Start your PowerPlay journey with some $REMI in the tank so you can save from day 1.

  • Go to

  • Connect your wallet

  • Click 'Enter app'

  • Select the token you wish to swap for $REMI and enter the amount you wish to swap.

  • To populate $REMI as the token to swap to, enter the $REMI contract address - 0xbB6129911d3bBdAdB447241d433b4eD529aeBBd8

  • Select swap and approve the transaction in your wallet.

  • Viola! You now own $REMI 🎉

How can I join PowerPlay?

As long as you don't have solar, are connected to the NEM (most metro areas) and live in VIC, QLD, ACT, SA or NSW, you can join! Depending on the specifics of your property, it may be a little tricky to install your new meter.

Want to save on energy
and earn crypto?

Earn bonus $REMI and access perks as one of our early adopters.

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