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PowerPlay at Aus Crypto Con 2022

Aaron Hilton
September 26, 2022
September 23, 2022

PowerPlay exhibited at Aus Crypto Con 2022

Wow what a weekend!

Events like the convention are so valuable for many reasons for a startup like PowerPlay. This was our first major event and so we were really looking for strong validation of our product and our brand. Having the ability to talk to so many people about PowerPlay, to see them understand what we are doing and then see them join the whitelist is as motivating as it gets.

A line to play our Wheel of Power game to earn $REMI

I am really glad I got to listen to other founders talking about their projects as well.  Hearing their passion for Web3, metaverse games, better payment models, NFT utility and a multitude of other real world use cases is inspiring and has the effect of expanding my thinking about what is possible for PowerPlay.  

Even though we are allegedly in a bear market, the buzz at the event didn’t feel like that at all.  

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Aaron Hilton
CEO & Founder

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