Climate Iconoclast NFTs

Climate Iconoclast is a digital art series of beautiful and iconic landscape paintings defaced by generative splatters.

No art was harmed in either the recent 'Just Stop Oil' protests, nor with this series. But a conversation on climate change and the global energy trajectory has been brought to the forefront, once again.

🖼 Hold a memory of this moment.

  • FREE to claim for anyone who holds 5,000 REMI (~$5AUD) or 10 MATIC
  • 1000 Completely unique NFTs
  • Max 10 per wallet
  • Proceeds go towards the PowerPlay 'Climate & Art Fund'
  • Future utility for PowerPlay members.
Claim or Mint
  • Claim 1 for free: If you hold >5,000 REMI, you can claim 1 NFT for free
    (Just pay gas & keep your REMI) How to buy REMI
  • Or mint up to 10: For 10 MATIC each
  • Future utility for PowerPlay members.
  • Proceeds go towards the PowerPlay 'Climate & Art Fund'
  • Max 10 per wallet.

Note: Claim will not work unless you have 5,000 REMI in your wallet.

Remember this moment.

This project is targeted at the irony of the media driven outrage at these protestors who haven't actually damaged the artwork while   the actual destruction of natural world is happening around us as the long predicted effects of climate change occur. This NFT act of iconoclasm (the artform of destruction) is a call to all people to change our culture to one of stewardship of the natural world just like we do with cherished art. The natural world is where the painters of these works drew their inspiration and we believe they would want us to protect the landscapes they so beautifully depicted. Proceeds from this project will go towards a DAO managed fund that supports the creation of ‘Climate focused Art in all forms'.

Details and FAQ

How do I get one?

Wallets that hold 5,000 REMI can claim/mint a Climate Iconoclast NFT for free and keep your REMI. Or you can mint one for the price of 10 MATIC.

I claimed 10 and only got 1?!

Claiming is free for wallets that hold >5,000 REMI - you only get 1 NFT.

You can 'MINT' up to 10 pieces at a cost of 10 MATIC each.

How do I buy REMI and what is the token for?

$REMI stands for Renewable Energy Market Incentive and is PowerPlay's utility token that helps members save on their energy bills. The yield earned by staking the token is a monthly power bill discount. As users consumer energy smarter, they earn more REMI to discount their bill.

You can buy REMI on QuickSwap by importing the token address 0xbB6129911d3bBdAdB447241d433b4eD529aeBBd8


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