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PowerPlay is a new Web3 protocol that incentivises communities to use renewable energy. This is accomplished by providing tokenized rewards $REMI (Renewable Energy Market Incentive). PowerPlay offers a way for anyone with a power bill to accumulate cryptocurrency.

The Web3 incentive enables communities to optimise electricity usage, save on electricity bills, and accelerate the transition toward renewable energy sources.

Our values

Focused on what's important.


As you use more renewable energy through PowerPlay, you are enabling more solar and wind projects to be installed. We will make a positive environmental impact through this technology.


PowerPlay is accelerating Australia's adoption of blockchain technology by empowering a cohort of crypto-curious to acquire cryptocurrency for free through their energy use. As we build, decentralisation will be a core principle of the platform.


A large group of renters and apartment dwellers are hit the hardest with increased cost of living. We're creating solutions for this community to save, earn crypto and participate in renewable energy transition - all while saving on energy.

Our team

It takes a village.

Our team has a diverse range of backgrounds and skills from energy economics to creative design, community building and full-stack development.

CEO & Founder

Aaron Hilton

Aaron has more than 11 years of experience in the renewable energy sector and has a proven ability to lead in this highly competitive and fast moving space. His ability to innovate and identify emergent opportunities is perfectly suited to the potential that PowerPlay has before it.

Chief Operating Officer

Damian Shaw-Williams

Damian is a finance and energy sector expert with 20 years of professional experience in all sides of the energy sector and corporate finance. Damian has led ground-breaking research and published widely in energy economics and the energy transition. With experience in providing expert financial analysis and deal evaluation of large-scale generation and network investment he has seen how legacy mindsets have held back the energy transition. Damian understands the value that can be unlocked for consumers who are willing to help manage energy demand at the network’s edge. He is committed to bringing this unique skill set to deploy Powerplay’s unique value proposition for members.

Creative Director & Chief Marketing Officer

Phoenix Shaw-Collery

Phoenix has a keen understanding of the broad technology requirements and the creative capacity needed to be a great CMO/Creative Director. He has 5 years experience of customer engagement and lead generation in the highly competitive solar power sector. Phoenix has created innovative brands designed to reach and value the aspirations of the audience. His vision for the PowerPlay brand is a disruptive and unique company that resonates with the values of the forgotten consumers in the energy market and the blockchain community.

Chief Technology Officer

Drew Flaherty

Drew is a blockchain evangelist and has worked in the space for over 5 years. As a web3 visionary Drew provides the project with perspective into current trends and insight into what is on the horizon. He has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in the design and development of Web3 and related technology. He has a ranged experience working with some of the largest web3 companies in Australia and with a number of startup projects. Driven by a passion for innovation, he strives to deliver value to products and customers by implementing creative solutions to contemporary challenges.

Customer Experience Officer

Danielle Marie

Danielle Marie is a certified blockchain trainer and assessor, community manager, and founder of She’s Blockchain Savvy. Danielle is passionate about helping savvy people learn about the fun and exciting world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Danielle is the founder of a non-profit association "ALL THINGS BLOCKCHAIN" and a key organiser of Women in Blockchain Queensland is on a mission to elevate, empower, and educate people to be involved in the emerging and disruptive world of digital technology. Danielle brings a passion for education to the PowerPlay team. As we bring new entrants to the crypto sphere PowerPlay, with Danielle’s leadership, aims to provide our customers with all the information and resources required to maximize benefits received from our platform but also the basics of safely navigating the wider Web3 space.

Secretary & Compliance Officer

Mick Wiedermann

Mick Wiedermann is a successful entrepreneur with over a decade of management and finance-related experience. In 2008 he left his role as a Conveyor Belt Technician and started a boutique financial advisory firm in which he grew to over forty employees, winning a Business Review Weekly award in 2011 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. Eight years later he sold Corporation U in its entirety and achieved a premium valuation compared to the industry standard. His success was based on a genuine desire to help his customers achieve financial independence and security. Mick brings a wealth of business experience to the PowerPlay team. He has joined us because he can see the potential for PowerPlay to create a valued and intelligent platform that empowers its community.

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